Jim Styskal is an auto mechanic, a dedicated family man, a devout Christian, and a diehard 12th man. That whole turning wrenches thing isn't just a hobby though, it's the way that Jim has successfully made a living for the past 50 years at the aptly named "Top Notch Auto", his shop that he's spent a lifetime perfecting. Anyone that's ever had the pleasure of knowing or working with Jim will tell you the same, and that's that the only thing more "Top Notch" than his knowledge and expertise in the automobile field, is his love for his family, friends, and customers. 

We realize that freak accidents happen everyday, and understand that every unfortunate event  is just as terrible as the next, but when we heard the news that the beloved "Top Notch" fell victim to an accident that would sideline him from what he does best, for at least an extended period of time, we felt terrible and immediately started thinking about what we could do to help. 

For your own sake, we'll spare you the details of Jim's accident, but here's what you should know-

Jim is now living in a nearly paralyzed state, with spinal cord injuries that only allow minimal amounts of movement to his arms, and some tingling sensation in his legs and his fingers. 

Good news is, slowly but surely he is gaining some sensation and movement, and through his faith and perseverance, we're confident that he won't settle for anything short of a full recovery.

As you can imagine, his medical bills are piling up, and in his current state, he's helpless in doing anything about that pile. Couple that with everyday living expenses that are now put on the back burner, and Jim is in a position that we never hope to see anyone in, especially a person as amazing as him. 

By communicating our condolences with Jim's son, we found out that a fundraiser/moraleraiser has been set up  for Jim and the Styskal family at  We ask you very kindly to go show a fellow Diehard Seattle sports fan some love by kicking him some kind words, and if you're able to, a couple bucks to ease the stress of his bills in these hard times, so that he's able to apply 100% of his focus towards his painstaking recovery.


Here's the link to Jim's fundraiser/moraleraiser-

Please help us in getting the word out by sharing it with your friends. 

Thank you,



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Jamie Kilbourne
Jamie Kilbourne

March 08, 2013

Dear Jim, as a Season Ticket holder and diehard HAWKS fan, I and my family want to wish you the speediest of recoveries !! And Go HAWKS !!

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